How to Make an Appointment

You can make an appointment by telephone, calling in at reception or online. You can make an appointment with the health professional of your choice if available.  The receptionist will guide you by asking you for details of the problem.

 Book an appointment online using the following link:  


Basic rules for appointments

  • If you have made an appointment and then decide it is no longer needed, please telephone us to cancel the appointment so someone else can have that appointment. We effectively lose 600 appointments every year through people forgetting to cancel appointments.
  • Does more than one family member need to see the doctor? If so, please make a separate appointment for each person.
  • If you have several different problems to discuss, please ask for a double appointment. Your doctor only has 10 minutes allocated for each routine consultation and may be unable to deal with more than one problem in 1 slot.
  • If you want to discuss something simple, or have a question but are not actually ill we may be able to answer your query on the telephone. Please ask for the  GP to ring you.
  • Doctors and nurses do not sign forms during consultations, please hand any form for completion to reception.
  • If you are requesting a telephone consultation and you login to the website please note the time you see is not the time the GP will telephone you, the GP should return your call within a 4 hour period depending on number of requests.  Please note that our number will be withheld so please pick up.

 Please click here to see our "Helping you to get the best out of the appointment system" information.

 Care Navigation 

We will start to ask for a brief outline of your problem when you call to make an appointment at the practice. This isn’t because our reception staff are nosy but it’s a new approach that we call care navigation.

Through specialist training, our team can now offer more choice on who to see in the practice and help you get to the right health professional fast. Our receptionists never offer clinical advice or triage; this is about offering you the choice to see other specialists in our practice team if they have the expertise to deal with your problem; often quicker and without the need to see the GP each time.

For example, we often get calls that can be dealt with by a physiotherapist, the pharmacist, sometimes even the secretaries, that you may not be aware of if you haven’t visited the practice in a while.

By working this way, it helps us to free up time for GPs to care for our patients with complex or serious health conditions. More importantly though, it means you are seen by the clinician that is best placed to deal with your problem each time you visit us. The choice is up to you.

It would help the team to help you if you were to inform the receptionist why you need an appointment to see a GP.